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Join the Live Concert Stream

All Saints Concert to be Live Streamed
Visit on November 6, 2016 at 4:00 p.m. to join the stream

Join audiences locally and worldwide in the live stream of the National Lutheran Choir's annual All Saints concert.  The choral festival is a service of remembrance and hope as we honor the Saints in our lives with music and word.

2016-17 Season Pass

One week left to order!

The National Lutheran Choir's 2016-17 season begins with the ALL SAINTS program, a highly anticipated concert of remembrance and hope. Through some of the most beautiful music composed, the program offers peace for those experiencing loss and hope for the living. Works by Kevin Siegfried, Johannes Brahms, Arvo Part, Kim Andre Arnesen and others will affirm that "All Shall Be Well."

Mission Statement

The National Lutheran Choir seeks to strengthen, renew and preserve the heritage of sacred choral music through the highest standards of performance and literature.

Devotion: Labyrinth

Special thanks to Leah Bergman, a soprano in the NLC, who shared this devotion with the choir prior to rehearsal on August 1, 2016. Leah will be leaving the NLC after the choir's trip to New Orleans for the ELCA Churchwide Assembly. Although we will miss her dearly, we wish her all the best on her new journey in Iowa.

As many of you know, my life has changed significantly since the last time I saw you all. On June 10th, I moved down to Iowa City, Iowa, my hometown, to start a new full-time position as the Minister of Worship, Music, and Children’s Programs at First Presbyterian Church. 

My Mom retired from this church after almost 20 years service and I am taking over her job. This is not just a huge transition for me and my life, but a time of transition and change for the church as well.

Devotion: Philosophy of Music 107 - Jambalaya and Jazz

This devotion was given by NLC bass section member, Dave Michel. Dave shared this prior to rehearsal last week, as the choir prepared for their trip to New Orleans (which is where they are now!). Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @NLChoir or #myNLC to see what the choir has been up to in the Big Easy.

This is Philosophy of Music 107. I am your instructor, Mr. Michel (M-I-no T-C-H-E-one L).

Many of you have taken my Philosophy of Music 101 class, which was about paradox - paradox in music, spirituality and life. You might recall that the concept of "now" is a beautiful paradox ("now" - oops, its already in the past), and Martin Luther's statement "simul justus et peccator" - "simultaneously saint and sinner"- which illustrates our inherent Christian contradiction condition (sounds like an episode title from Big Bang Theory).

Devotion: Singing Gatha

As our singers gather for their first rehearsal since April, alto section member Jenny Kelley shares a devotion about mindfulness.
I read a wonderful story about an ordained Buddhist dharma teacher, Cheri Maples, who served in criminal justice for 25 years. She attended a mindfulness retreat in 1991, which she applied to her work as a police officer, policing with more compassion and openness. Cheri went on to lead mindfulness retreats for others in law enforcement and others in high-stress work. One technique of mindfulness that Cheri and other dharma teachers is to use a Gatha before any activity.

Our office is moving!

As of June 23, our office has a new home! After almost a decade in the Cowles Center on 6th and Hennepin, we are moving a few blocks down to a new office that fits our growing staff and storage needs. We will be office-sharing with a wonderful organization called Community Health Charities.
Here's our new address:
121 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Our phone number is the same: 612-722-2301.