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2014-15 Concert Season

2014-15 season and single tickets are NOW ON SALE!

Under the direction of Dr. David Cherwien, the National Lutheran Choir seeks to strengthen, renew and preserve the heritage of sacred choral music, while providing an experience you will not forget.

It's more than music. It's a night full of spine-tingling, soul-stirring moments. Join us.

Announcing Our 2014-15 Season

We are thrilled to share the highlights of our upcoming season, our 29th, which includes a four-concert subscription series, a new Assistant Conductor, a Choral TuneUp with Anton Armstrong, a new recording, a live broadcast on Classical Minnesota Public Radio and the launch of a month-long, state-wide Choral Festival.

Devotion: You Don't Have to Be Lutheran

The following devotion was shared by Tony Spain, a member of the National Lutheran Choir's tenor section, prior to one of the last rehearsals of the 2013-14 season. Tony describes his personal journey to find God and shares how the NLC is his "church."

This past weekend, I was down at Gustavus for an event and I was talking to someone who is planning to audition for NLC. He told me, “I was raised Lutheran, but I currently find myself in an unknown place when it comes to religion.” I told him that being Lutheran is not a requirement to sing in the choir. We have our tall handsome Catholics, and bright haired Presbyterians, and people who feel closer to God in a drum circle than in a pew. Then strangely, in a small bar in St. Peter, Minnesota, I found these words coming out of my mouth – describing my own faith journey and the integral part the National Lutheran Choir has played in that.

Devotion: To know, and be known

Before the choir's final performance together for the season, at the Festival of Homiletics in Minneapolis on May 19, 2014, bass Tim Sheie shared this devotion.

From Psalm 139: (the subtitle of the Psalm coincidentally reads: For the director of music. Of David)

You have searched me, Lord, 
and you know me.

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