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Devotion: "We Sing with Joy"

Kate Tripoli shared this devotion during rehearsal earlier this week (September 29, 2015). Kate is a soprano in the National Lutheran Choir.
A couple of rehearsals ago, as we were working on “How Great Are Thy Wonders,” David [Cherwien] made an offhand comment that the opening line, “We sing with joy” isn’t about some woman named Joy. And it made me think of Inside Out, the new Pixar movie from this summer. Inside Out is two stories in one. One story is about Riley, an 11-year-old girl whose parents move the family from Minnesota to California, uprooting her from her life and everything that defined her. The story inside that story is about Riley’s emotions, who appear as sort of people operating the control room of Riley’s mind. Fear, Anger, Disgust, Sadness…and Joy. Riley has always been known as the “happy girl,” because Joy has been unofficially in command of the other emotions, while Sadness gets put in a corner and isn’t allowed to touch anything. The upheaval in Riley's life caused by the move sends Joy and Sadness on a journey together throughout Riley’s entire inner being—her memories, her self-image, her subconscious—and gradually Joy realizes that Sadness is not something to keep locked up. Sadness and Joy have to work together to help Riley become a whole and healthy person, because it is Sadness that makes Joy truly powerful.

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To celebrate 30 years of singing together, the 2015-16 concert season will feature singer and listener long-time favorites, as well as newly commissioned works rooted in the Lutheran choral tradition. Click here to read all about it!

2015-16 Season Announcement

30 Years of Singing Together

The 63-voice National Lutheran Choir (NLC) is pleased to announce its 2015-16 season, “30 Years of Singing Together.” The choir’s 30th Anniversary Season includes a four-concert subscription series, a Christmas concert in St. Louis, MO (in addition to its beloved Christmas concerts at the Basilica of Saint Mary in Minneapolis), a Midwest tour and a Choral TuneUp with acclaimed composer and conductor, René Clausen. The season culminates with a concert titled The Minnesota Tradition, honoring the history and collection of choral music that has been nurtured and grown out of the many Lutheran colleges in Minnesota and throughout the Midwest.

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The Caged Bird Sings - NEW RECORDING!

This special release was created in reaction to the overwhelming demand for a recording of our concerts entitled, "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings," performed in Arizona and Minnesota in February 2015. The music is a collection of pieces from cultures that historically have been oppressed, including Estonians, Native Americans and African Americans. While shedding light on the human condition, the music simultaneously celebrates the deeply rooted spirit of survival and hope. This album was funded by the generous support of individuals from around the world through Thank you to all of our friends and fans that gave this album wings!

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